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This had lots of tips that I want to share with my direct reports (and use myself!).

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"Project Management for Engineers"

This session provides simple steps to be better at managing projects in teams.

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"Project Management for Engineers"

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Michelle is an outstanding mentor! Her unwavering support and guidance have been invaluable during my pursuit to land my first role in Software Engineering. Michelle provided me with concrete and actionable advice on how to distinguish myself in a competitive job market. Michelle also has an incredibly down-to-earth and authentic style of mentoring. Every meeting feels like a casual conversation with a friend, who happens to possess profound insights into the art of advancing in the tech industry. Michelle's mentorship has been a game-changer for me, and I couldn't be more grateful for her expertise and generosity of time.

Ari Denary

Software Engineer

Michelle knows how to synthesize and deliver your unique career narrative in a concise, impactful, and powerful way. She also has the business savvy and know-how to help you leverage your best offer and demonstrate your value so you never settle in your career.

Ariana Thacker

Founder, bootup (among other roles)

Michelle is insightful, clever and full of good ideas! I met with Michelle to seek career advice. She answered all of my questions, pointed out long-term career options I was unaware of, gave valuable guidance about my resume and LinkedIn profile, suggested interview tips and techniques and offered several concrete steps to take to help achieve my goals. Now, I am moving forward with more confidence and a plan — I even had a recruiter from my dream company reach out to me!

Michelle Dicks


I reached out to Michelle without ever meeting her before, and she was more than happy to jump on a call with me. She gave such helpful advice, not just for longer term but also immediate actionable steps. I am so appreciative of her honesty and willingness to help someone she didn’t even know.

Charlie Haag

It’s not often that seasoned career professionals take time out of their busy schedule to offer their support and guidance. Though, in the tech community, many people are happy to support each other regardless of their experience level. As someone who’s transitioning careers, I was thrilled to speak with Michelle about her career experience as a software engineer. She also provided pointers and resources about what to expect at my upcoming technical interview that involved whiteboarding. Michelle is one of those individuals who you can count on to learn a great deal from.

Christine L. Tran

Presentation: How to use data to get your next raise

Michelle’s presentation was one of my favorites during the entire conference. She spoke in a super easy to understand way about crafting success statements, and tracking their performance over time. I plan on using her concepts to setup my next salary conversation with confidence.

Jon Johnson

Workshop: Tell Me About Yourself

Thank you for organizing today’s session! It was very informative and I will definitely incorporate what I learned to my future interviews.

Arata Tomiyoshi Kagan

Full Stack Web Developer