Michelle Brenner

From the Source Podcast

From the Source is a tech career podcast featuring true stories from industry veterans In discussing the wide array of  day-to-day challenges they face, host Michelle Brenner and her guests help demystify numerous types of technology jobs.

Guests share diverse perspectives, not just from large technology companies started 5 years ago but also from tech teams at century-old companies in more traditional sectors. A job with the same name can be very different in a large company in California to a startup in North Dakota. They will reveal the boring parts that go along with the exciting challenges. They’ll also explore the skills they actually use.

Our audience is people who are exploring a career in tech as well as those who are fascinated by how the tech we love is made.

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Frances Coronel headshot
Michelle chats with Frances Coronel, a Software Engineer at Slack specializing in Customer Acquisition and a leader within the nonprofit Techqueria.
Michelle speaks with Eliza Barrios, an IT Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation and practicing artist.
Michelle discusses knowledge management with Camille Mathieu, an Information Science Specialist with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).
Michelle chats with Brendan Adkins, a senior web and mobile developer currently with ThinkShout, a Portland-based agency focusing on inclusive, accessible websites for progressive and advocacy organizations.
Michelle interviews Tanya Janca, also known as SheHacksPurple. Tanya is the author of ‘Alice and Bob Learn Application Security’ and founder of We Hack Purple, an online learning academy, community and podcast that revolves around teaching everyone to create secure software.
Michelle welcomes Erin Scott, a software developer for RS21, a big data visualization company, and a big proponent of diversity in tech.
Michelle chats with Taye Johnson, a tech educator who works with nonprofits to solve their technical and data-focused problems.
Technologist Nina Kin joins Michelle to talk about her work in the volunteer civic tech space and leadership in organizations such as Hack for LA.
Michelle interviews Katy Bowman, a developer with web development agency Sparkbox, which focuses on working with clients to build a better web.
Michelle welcomes entrepreneur and well-known LA tech community leader Espree Devora. Espree hosts and produces both the WeAreLATech and Women in Tech podcasts.
Maia Hariton, a web designer/developer specializing in Squarespace, WordPress, and ShowIt websites, speaks with Michelle about her work and career path.
Michelle interviews Valerie Phoenix, a developer and the founder of Tech By Choice, a nonprofit that seeks to increase diversity within tech through educational activities.